Out with the old, in with the New

{Out with the old, in with the New}

If you've got a dated website or corporate identity, it's time to change & update.

Corporate branding is an effective promotional and marketing tool. At some point in any business, the topic of revamping the image of the business will pop up. Some business owners don’t recognize the importance of keeping their image fresh while others might change it too often - it’s an important balance to achieve to keep a corporate image up-to-date, yet recognizable.

One of the web development services we provide (and enjoy very much) is to help existing businesses update the company’s look and feel, but maintaining authenticity and staying true to the business’ roots.

This is exactly what we did for Shootopia. Our client asked for an up to date website containing the same and some new information and imagery about his business. Our client furthermore asked for something modern and user-friendly.


The old website Home Page was provided as reference.


The new website home page.

While our client is extremely satisfied with the results, we updated the SEO, the website is now mobile friendly and the client has double in bookings since the new website launched. The logo was tweaked and the overall website was modernized while maintaining a hint of humor which the client requested. The web development is also E-commerce ready.

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